Captains Career Course Common Core

Captains Career Course Common Core AP110 - Commandants Brief AP120 - Leader Development Doctrine AP130 - Think Critically and Creatively AP140 - Examine the Army Leadership and the Profession AP150 - Write Effectively AP160 - Brief Effectively AP170 - Lead in Organizations AP180 - Establish and Exert Influence AP190 - Counseling MC100 [...]

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TDD 5 Nov Offsite

TDD Offsite (5 Nov 19) 8:30 -   Opener Activity – Mr. Harrison 8:45 -   Director Opening Remarks – Mrs. Moore 9:00 -   SSI Off-Site Review / Discussion (FY19/20 CTG) – Mrs. Moore 9:30 -   Energy Management – SFC A. Smith / SSG M. Thomas 10:15 -  Break 10:30 - [...]

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Leader Brief LRC

TRADOC Pam 525-8-2 - To meet the challenge of a complex world, the Army must find ways to develop and modernize Army training and education capabilities successfully during a time of diminishing resources while maintaining the most highly trained, educated, and professional land force in the world. The Army must anticipate and adjust its [...]

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Sustainment Unit Training Resource Guide

The Army Training Network, AR 350-1, ADP 7-0, ADRP 7-0, FM 7-0 and GTA 07-09-003 (The Army’s Methodology for Training) assist Army personnel in achieving the Army’s Number 1 Priority: Readiness. This graphic training aid (GTA) provides sustainment unit training and doctrine resources to assist in the training effort. Resources are divided into individual [...]

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SSI Distributed Learning (DL) Products

Adjutant General DL Title Link Description Certificate Credit Hours Adjutant General Captains Career Go to ATRRS Yes Course: 7-12-C23 (DL) Insert Title or Course Number into Search Box on ATRRS site to register for course Course is provided by ILMS at HR Management Qualification     Go to ATRRS Yes Course: 7C-42H/500-F32 (DL) [...]

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ITAR – Monitor Search-Seizure Operation

Conditions: You are assigned as a Military Postal Clerk and have encountered a situation which may warrant the search/seizure of a piece of mail and have access to the following: a. Department of Defense (DoD) 4525.6-M (Postal Manual). b. Local standing operating procedures (SOP). Standards: Monitor search/seizure operation procedures IAW DoD 4525.6-M and file [...]

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ITAR – Maintain Executive Calendar

Conditions: Given a requirement to maintain an executive calendar and access to a computer, Microsoft Office software, a printer, supervisor's instructions and standard office supplies and equipment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4. Standards: With a minimum of 70% accuracy, establish an executive calendar, schedule appointments, and utilize Outlook 2013 Calendar. Individual [...]

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ITAR – Conduct Postal Operations

Conditions: You are an HR NCO responsible for postal operations both in garrison and in a deployed environment. You have access to AR 600-8-3 (Postal Operations), FM 1-0 (Human Resources Support), ATP 1-0.1 (G-1 and S-1 Operations), DoD Manual 4525.6-M (DOD Postal Manual), DD Form 285 (Postal Clerk, Unit Mail Clerk or Mail Orderly, [...]

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Information Management

Every decision or action taken by the Army is based on information. Information management is included as part of all military operations and the operations process (planning, preparation, execution, and continuous assessment). PIM supports the life cycle management of Soldiers (Access/Retain, Assign, Sustain, Evaluate/Promote, and Separate). References FM 1-0, AR 600-8-1, [...]