Action: Develop Human Resources (HR) Planning And Operations Staff Products Using Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Conditions: Using Readings, Classroom Discussions, Presentations And Doctrinal Publications Including FM 1-0 (HR Support),  ADP 4-0 (Sustainment), FM 6-0 (Commander And Staff Organization And Operations),  ATP 6-01.1 (Techniques For Effective Knowledge Management), ADRP 5-0 (The Operations Process) And Awareness Of The Operational Environment (OE), Variables And Actors. 

Standard: Demonstrate A Knowledge Of MDMP Through Classroom Participation And Successful Completion Of All HR Planning Practical Exercises And Briefings That Include The Following Learning Activities:

  1. Communicate HR Plans And Operations Doctrine
  2. Conduct HR Planning Using MDMP
  3. Prepare A Synchronization Matrix
  4. Prepare An HR Planning Considerations Brief
  5. Prepare A Personnel Appendix