Action:  Administer Enlisted Promotions and Selections

Conditions: In a classroom environment, given AR 600-8-19, NGR 600-200, MILPER Message 15-264, Student Handouts, eMILPO Functional Guide and Users, and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and factors.

Standard: Demonstrate competency in the basic concepts of enlisted promotions and receive 70% or higher final grade

  1. Determine the appropriate promotion authorities for each level of enlisted promotions. 
  2. Identify the principles of the Decentralized Promotion System.
  3. Identify the principles of the Semi-Centralized Promotion System.
  4. Identify the principles of the Centralized Promotion System.
  5. Review monthly HR Metrics to ensure compliance.


AR 600-8-19

NGR 600-200