Action: Administer the Awards and Decorations Program

Conditions: Given classroom presentations, AR 600-8-22, applicable MILPER Messages.

Standard: Score 70% or higher on a knowledge based exam that includes the following learning activities:

  1. State the objectives of the Army’s Awards and Decorations program
  2. Identify eligibility for awards, badges and tabs
  3. Identify processing requirements and procedures for award recommendations


DODI 1348.33, Military Awards Program

AR 600-8-22, Military Awards (24 Jun 2015)

AR 614-30, Overseas Service

AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia (11 May 2012)

AR 672-20, Incentive Awards

DA PAM 672-6, Armed Forces Decorations and Awards

DA PAM 672-20, Incentive Awards Handbook