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Senior Leaders Course (SLC)

as of: 4 Jun 18

Purpose: To train selected Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) to perform duties as Detachment Sergeants or comparable positions at Skill Level 4. The graduate will be able to teach, evaluate, counsel junior leaders, conduct training, and to lead within the Career Management Field. Soldiers will participate in a field training exercise.

Phase Scope: This course is designed to train SFCs and selected promotable SSGs in leadership skills, NCO duties, responsibilities and authority, and on how to conduct performance-oriented training. The two major areas of instruction consist of Combat Survivability and Technical Training designed to prepare Senior NCOs to support operations in the Operational Environment. This course produces battle competent NCOs who are qualified detachment sergeants; evaluators; counselors; conductors or participants in individual and collective training; and teachers of leader skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Cadre personnel assess the students’ leadership potential and evaluate their ability to apply lessons learned to effectively lead their classmates in a tactical environment. SLC provides an opportunity for education, to learn warfighting skills, and to gain experience.


The First 100 Days of Platoon Leadership

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