Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A)

IPPS-A’s integrated HR capabilities will for the first time enable Army personnel data updates to automatically trigger Soldier pay transactions upon IPPS-A’s Release Four. This capability will ensure Soldiers receive timely and accurate pay once a personnel change is made (e.g., promotion or change in dependents). In addition, the Army will improve access to personnel and pay information by providing a self-service IPPS-A Web portal from any Internet connection with Common Access Card (CAC) authentication. Together, these capabilities will create a more accurate and reliable HR system for Army Soldiers, Leaders, Commanders and HR Professionals. IPPS-A will be CAC enabled upon its first release.

IPPS-A Site Provides an overview of IPPS-A’s Use, Training, Deployment, News, and Resources.

MilPay Transition Distributed Learning

The MilPay Transition Course promotes familiarity of the basics of military pay policy and procedures through the use of the DoDFMR 7000.14-R Volume 7A, Joint Travel Regulations, and a variety of other Army Regulations. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamental functions of military pay which will facilitate a smooth transition for the HR community and others alike.

Human Resources professionals wishing to take this course must self-enroll by following the enrollment instructions below:

  1. Login to the SSI Blackboard at
  2. Click the website address/URL and delete it.
  3. Type or copy and paste the website/URL
  4. At the Self Enrollment page click the Submit button to complete the enrollment.

(NOTE:  This course is not restricted to HR professionals, anyone with a CAC may enroll.)

Self-Enrollment Instructions pdf

MilPay App

This small app is a self-development and reference tool for Army Human Resources (HR) Professionals as well as all others that would like to enhance their knowledge of the IPPS-A system. Once fully employed, the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) will be the primary source which directly impacts initiated Soldier pay and personnel actions. The pay impacting capability of IPPS-A will reduce reliance on multiple disconnected and old HR and pay systems. It is important for HR professionals and Soldiers to better understand the fundamentals of MilPay now, so they are better prepared to support Soldiers in the future.

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