Conduct S1 Operations



The Battalion/Brigade S1 is deployed and conducting military operations which include planning, providing and coordinating the delivery of HR support, services, or information to all assigned and attached personnel within the brigade and subordinate battalions and companies. The unit is in communication with the higher, adjacent, subordinate, and supporting units. Automated human resources support systems are present and operational. The unit tactical standing operating procedure (TSOP) is present. Threat capabilities cover a unified land operations including information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, terrorist activities to include suicide bombings, and on to conventional, air supported, and reinforced squad operations in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) environment. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

Personnel, administrative actions, official and personal mail, and casualty reports are processed in accordance with governing regulations, established procedures, and the TSOP. Processing is completed expeditiously and in a manner that precludes adverse morale implications.

Collective Tasks

Training and Evaluation Outline Report

Supporting Individual Tasks

79S SLC 805B-79S-4007 Process a Service Remaining Requirement
79S SLC 805B-79S-4008 Process a Reclassification Action
79S SLC 805B-79S-4009 Process a Retention Packet
79S SLC 805B-79S-4010 Process a Soldier for the Bonus Extension and Retraining Program
79S SLC 805B-79S-4012 Process a Request for Cancellation of Extension
79S SLC 805B-79S-4013 Process a Request to Waive a Reenlistment Option
79S SLC 805B-79S-4014 Process a Bar to Reenlistment
79S SLC 805B-79S-4111 Manage a Retention Mission
79S SLC 805B-79S-4112 Manage a Retention Budget
79S SLC 805B-79S-4205 Conduct a Retention Briefing
79S SLC 805B-79S-4303 Conduct a Retention Integration Counseling
79S SLC 805B-79S-4304 Conduct a Retention Professional Development/Career Development Counseling
79S SLC 805B-79S-4305 Conduct a Sustainment Counseling Session
79S SLC 805B-79S-4405 Perform a Quality Control Check of a Retention Packet
79S SLC 805B-79S-5003 Evaluate Unit Retention Activities