Conduct Financial Management Support Center (FMSC) Internal Control Activities



WTSP Instructions Document

The Financial Management Support Center (FMSC) is alerted for tentative deployment to a specified theater to provide financial support for United States (U.S.), allied, and coalition forces and other authorized personnel and agencies. All assigned sections and personnel will deploy. Operations plans (OPLAN), and orders (OPORD) for supported command are received. Internal audit controls are implemented to ensure proper accounting of all funds and expenditures. A tentative deployment window is established. All internal Tactical Standing Operating Procedures (TSOP) as well as DFASIN Reg 37-1, DODFMR 7000.14-R, FM 1-06, AR 11-2, and JTRs are available. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

Theater financial support requirements are identified and programmed. Policies for theater financial operations are complete and provided to supported elements in a timely manner per TSOP and governing regulations. All internal control procedures are in place and fully operational within 48 hours of the unit commencing financial operations or as the tactical situation allows per local SOP and AR 11-2. Control procedures are used in accordance with the unit standing operating procedures, governing regulations, and command guidance. Reasonable assurance that obligations and costs are in compliance with applicable laws; funds, property, and other assets are safeguarded against waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation; revenues and expenditures are properly recorded and accounted for; and programs are efficiently and effectively carried out according to the applicable law and internal control policy.

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