Army Counter Threat Finance


Welcome to the U.S. Army Finance and Comptroller’s Counter Threat Finance Community!

This site serves as a forum to educate, train, and collaborate with other members of the FC community on the subject of Counter Threat Finance. Counter Threat Finance describes the means and methods used to deny, disrupt, or defeat and degrade adversaries’ ability to use global licit and illicit financial networks to negatively affect U.S. interest. Each FC Soldier, Civilian, and Organization plays a decisive role in ensuring each US dollar is spent efficiently and not used to bring harm to our Nation or Allies.

Counter Threat Finance represents a transformation in Finance and Comptrollership and greatly expands considerations to military planning and operations. Soldiers and civilians of all ranks require the knowledge of CTF principles to successfully implement this critical competency at every organizational level.

This site provides a place for Soldiers and Civilians to expand their understanding of the wide-array of subjects that encompass CTF and stay current on the ever-evolving CTF-landscape.

We encourage you to explore, engage and expand the CTF community by checking in quarterly!