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Information Management

Every decision or action taken by the Army is based on information. Information management is included as part of all military operations and the operations process (planning, preparation, execution, and continuous assessment). PIM supports the life cycle management of Soldiers (Access/Retain, Assign, Sustain, Evaluate/Promote, and Separate). References FM 1-0, AR 600-8-1, AR 600-8-104 Performance Steps… Continue reading Information Management

Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability Software

Action: Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability Software (DTAS) Conditions: In a classroom environment, given a computer with the DTAS Mobile Training application loaded, training scenarios, the eMILPO training database, and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors. Standard: Perform the following DTAS functions with 70% accuracy: Navigate DTAS Perform a Mass Add Perform Individual Updates. Lesson… Continue reading Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability Software