iPERMS Overview

Action: Conduct Personnel Information Management

Conditions:  In a classroom environment and given access to AR 600-8-1, AR 600-8-104, FM 1-0, DA Memo 600-8-104, MILPER Message 07-206 and 07-274, DD Form 93, and SGLV-8286 documents and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) / Contemporary Environment (COE) variables and actors. 


  1. Establish personnel information management responsibilities, policies, and procedures that affect personnel information data.
  2. Review official documents for submission to the Interactive Personnel Electronic records Management System (iPERMS) and ensure official documents are uploaded to iPERMS.
  3. Maintain accurate personnel information data.
  4. Review monthly HR Metrics to ensure compliance.

Lesson Content


AR 600-8-1

AR 600-8-104

FM 1-0

DA Memo 600-8-104

MILPER Message 07-206 and 07-274

DD Form 93