Principles of Cost Analysis and Management

as of: 29 Jun 18

Under Construction

Purpose: This course educates military and civilian personnel on fundamental cost analysis and cost management principles, theories, and application. This course is not intended to teach the mechanics of GFEBS, but will provide the knowledge needed to leverage GFEBS to its full potential and develop leaders’ ability to think critically about controlling and managing costs while fully supporting commanders and the mission.

Scope: This course provides the basic principles, concepts, and terminology related to cost analysis and cost management. Twothirds of the course focuses on basic cost accounting processes and concepts while one-third is dedicated to the application and reinforcement of the concepts learned through practical exercise and case studies. All CASCOM courses will introduce the major principles of Character Development during in-processing, and will further reinforce that information in subsequent lessons as applicable.

Determine the Purpose and Motivation for Managerial Costing