Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children

  1. The Army Chaplain Corps is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the children who participate in Chapel and Chaplain sponsored programs. This code of conduct is annually signed and may be issued with annual "Child Chapel Protection Training"(CCCPG).
  2. Definitions:
    1. Child(ren): A person under 18 years of age, whether a natural child, adopted child, foster child, stepchild, or ward, of a service member or DOD civilian or their spouse. The term also includes an individual of any age who is incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical incapacity and for whom treatment in a medical treatment facility is authorized.
    2. Child abuse: Physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation, or negligent treatment of a child.
  3. References: AD 2014-23, AR 165-1, AR 608-1, AR 608-10, AR 608-18, DoDI 1402.05, DoDD 5400.11, DoDI 6060.4,"Chief of Chaplains Child Protection Guidance at Chaplain Sponsored Events"(CCCPG)
  4. Purpose
    1. The goal of chapel child protection is to serve the needs and protect the well-being of children. Army chaplains strive to design and implement programs that protect children from danger, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
    2. Army chapels do not tolerate child abuse in any form.
    3. All children have equal rights to protection.
    4. Responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of children participating in chapel programs rests with every person - employees (military and civilian), volunteers, contractors, and parents.
  5. All persons who sign this code of conduct acknowledge chapel child protection requirements and responsibilities.
  6. All persons who provide service in Army chapels will ensure that:
    1. All persons are aware there is a chapel child protection policy and can see it on request.
    2. All persons who provide service with children have an understanding of what constitutes child abuse and procedures for reporting and prevention.
    3. Threats to children are reduced by the following vetting and supervision IAW AD 2014-23:
      1. Prescreening appropriate to the position.
      2. Preliminary investigations appropriate to the position.
      3. Complete background checks appropriate to the position.
      4. All chapel volunteers supervised by Army employees.
      5. Line of Sight Supervision (LOSS) approved in writing by the commander is IAW AD 2014-23.
    4. Children participating in chapel programs are appropriately registered with parental permissions.
    5. They refrain from disclosing information (including the use of names, community information, and images) that could be used to identify participating children or their families to unauthorized persons, including the internet. Exceptions are made based on written parental permission and IAW DoDD 5400.11.
    6. A minimum of 2 vetted adults are present with children and in compliance with child-adult ratios IAW CCCPG.
    7. Bathroom assistance is only with the door ajar and the chil's privacy protected, IAW Commander's child abuse prevention SOP.
    8. Written permission will be provided by parents if someone else is taking custody of their child at the end of a chapel program. In no circumstances will custody be given in violation of the Commander's child supervision policies.
    9. Individuals may perform duties without LOSS or the 2 adult rule if interaction with the child: occurs in the presence of the child's parent or guardian; is in a medical facility, subject to the supervisory policies of the facility and in the presence of a mandated reporter of child abuse; or is necessary to prevent the death of or serious harm to the child, and supervision is impractical or infeasible (for example, medical emergency or emergency evacuation of a child from a hazardous location).
    10. All persons in Army chaplain sponsored/sanctioned activities will avoid the appearance of abuse and protect themselves from unwarranted accusations of abuse. (AR 608-18, 8-3.b)
    11. Individuals contribute to an environment where children are able to recognize unacceptable behavior and to discuss their concerns.
    12. Raise concerns about any situation of suspected abuse or misconduct in accordance with applicable procedures.
  7. I recognize that inappropriate behavior towards children, including failure to follow these stated conduct protocols, policies, and standards may be grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal from employment (where applicable), termination of volunteer participation, or other appropriate measures under applicable regulations or statutes. This includes inappropriate touch, touch which denies a child's privacy, touch which is in a sexual manner and could be in violation of the laws against sexual assault and child molestation. I have read the above code of conduct and agree to adhere to Army and local installation chapel child protection requirements. I last completed chapel child protection training on (date) __________________ and recognize that this is an annual requirement.

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