02- ME54N- Approve or Certify a Purchase Requisition

Provides the learner with a process flow of the end-to-end business process (Battle Drill). This process flow aides in understanding all players (entities) and tasks associated with completing the Battle Drill.

Provides the learner with step-by-step instructions to complete the Battle Drill (business process).

Walks the learner through a transaction using a step-by-step method. The learner will be required to enter provided information for the transaction and is given immediate feedback.

Scenario-based dynamic exercises that allow the learner to go through the transaction as many times as needed to master the transaction.

The ME54N transaction is used to approve or certify a Purchase Requisition (PR). This procedure uses Workflow to route and release the PR for each level of approval/release.

The Purchase Requisition Approver is advised via workflow when documents are awaiting release. The PR is routed to the GFEBS inbox of the approvers as indicated by the PR workflow table, which includes the PR Doc Type, the release strategy indicator, DODAAC, and Approver Code. The GFEBS inbox is accessed through the Universal Worklist (UWL). Simultaneously, the approver receives an external email message in his or her official Army email account.

When a PR Approval Workflow item appears in a user’s GFEBS inbox, the PR cost center displays in the subject line of the notification. By having the cost center as the first eight characters of the workflow title, users can identify the PRs for their applicable area. Additionally, the email message sent to the approver’s external email account will help prevent accidental claiming of PRs by unintended approvers.

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