Finance And Comptroller WTSP

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT UNIT (FMSU) WTSPs Maintain Financial Management Systems Conduct Finance Operations Section Activities Conduct Commercial Vendor Service Section Activities Conduct Disbursing Section Activities Conduct Internal Control Section Activities Conduct Mobile Financial Management Support Team Activities Conduct Financial Management Support Detachment Operations FINANCE SUPPORT CENTER (FISC) WTSPs Conduct Finance Support Center Cash Management Activities… Continue reading

Finance And Comptroller WTSP


To access Adjutant General and Finance CATS follow the below steps Select   to go to site, link will open in a new window Complete EAMS-A Single Sign-On (Must have CAC/PKI Login or AKO User ID and Password) Select ADJUTANT GENERAL or FINANCE from “Proponent(s)” menu Select “Search” Button CATS will populate below the “Search… Continue reading COMBINED ARMS TRAINING STRATEGIES (CATS)

SCTEx Support Packages

Overview Integrate Sustainment Mission Command (SMC) & Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). FMS Systems Integration created three exercise packages: (a) 3-day EXEVAL (b) 5-day FTX/WFX/CTC and (c) 13-day SCTEx. These packages leverage UTES to assess Active, USAR and ARNG FM elements in their ability to provide OCS capability.  The Scenario-based Standard Collective Training Exercise Support Package… Continue reading SCTEx Support Packages

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Battle Drills

Live Welcome to the Battle Drill #4 Video Job Aid, your tutorial for Processing a Contract as part of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Business Process where the Standard Procurement System or SPS is active and Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) is not active. Welcome to the Battle Drill #5 Video Job Aid, your tutorial for Process… Continue reading Battle Drills