To access Adjutant General and Finance CATS follow the below steps

  1. Select   to go to site, link will open in a new window
  2. Complete EAMS-A Single Sign-On (Must have CAC/PKI Login or AKO User ID and Password)
  3. Select ADJUTANT GENERAL or FINANCE from “Proponent(s)” menu
  1. Select “Search” Button
  2. CATS will populate below the “Search for CATS” Menu
  3. Select the appropriate CATS by checking the button to the left
  4. Select Dropdown “CATS Report (dd Mmm yy)”
  5. Select “Generate Report”
  6. At the bottom of your browser a block will appear, select the arrow beside “Save” and select “Save as” in the drop down. Save on your computer to your desired file location.
  7. Once save is complete you will have an option to “Open” the document, “Open Folder” you saved to or “View Downloads”
  8. Follow this same process for other CATS documentation you may need