SCTEx Support Packages


Integrate Sustainment Mission Command (SMC) & Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). FMS Systems Integration created three exercise packages: (a) 3-day EXEVAL (b) 5-day FTX/WFX/CTC and (c) 13-day SCTEx. These packages leverage UTES to assess Active, USAR and ARNG FM elements in their ability to provide OCS capability.  The Scenario-based Standard Collective Training Exercise Support Package (SCTEx) includes a MSEL/Collective Task Crosswalk, associated Training & Evaluation Outlines, Training Injects and supporting documents.  UTES is a system of systems that incorporates the GFEBS sandbox, SPS/PD2, DDS R2P, and in the future GCSS-Army.


1.  Please inform FMS of your exercise plan and intention to utilize UTES at least 6 weeks prior to your exercise.

2.  Read the OPORD to aid in operational planning and execution.

3.  Determine the players involved in your exercise G8, KO, FO, etc.

4.  Complete the UTES access request form listing the participants EDIPI for provisioning. Only check the access type box that applies to that individual. Access Request.xlsx

5.  If participants require access to the PD2/SPS instance (emulates battle ready contingency contracting system) they must complete AUP.pdf and DD 2875.pdf.

6.  Submit the UTES access request form to and they will notify you when you have been provisioned.

7.  Next review the MSELs in the exercise package to determine which are most applicable to your participants and exercise overall. Stay in communication with the FMS POCs so that they can provide insight and stage the appropriate data for your exercise.

8.  For training prior to the exercise date, please conduct the following:

a.  Have participants access FMTube to practice transactions and battle drills. Click on the videos and select the link that states, “Practice this transaction” or “Practice this battle drill”.

b.  Access FMNet to view the S8 COI with the complete list of battle drills streaming from ARCENT. The battle drill table includes process maps, job aids, and other helpful information.

9.  When you are ready to access UTES or PD2/SPS please use the following links:

a. (UTES)

b. (PD2/SPS)

CSTX Scenario zip files


Download 3 Day Exercise zip file 87.9 MB


Download 5 Day Exercise zip file 93 MB


Download 13 Day CSTX zip file 316 MB

Download P2P MSEL Workbooks

Download  Disbursing MSELs

Download  Disbursing MSEL Instructions

Download PA-FOO MSELs

Download PA-FOO MSEL Instructions