TDC RPA BoT Initiative

TDC Robotic Process Automation Initiative

Problem Statement: Training Developers Spend hours inputting data into TDC for each individual lesson plan that has been created in word, powerpoint, or excel as a result of the development process.

  1. Why are lesson plans being developed outside of TDC initially?
  2. Would a Robotic Process Automation assist in the reduction of time spent in this duplicate effort?
  3. What is the measurable advantage to using Robotic Process Automation?

Create Data Sets for BoT automation

  • Review of TDC Fields and Requirements ( Text Fields, Dropdowns, Selection Fields)
  • Review Lesson Plan Templates in current use
  • Determine best source for Lesson Plan Template
  • Determine means of communication from Developer to BoT to TDC

Run Sample lessons thru process

  • Update lesson plans to preferred file type
  • Submit for automation run via email
  • Conduct QC of new versus old Lesson Plan in TDC for Discrepencies

Perform internal trials

  • Use Adminstrators and select developers to conduct set trials

Conduct expanded trials

  • Use predetermined schools to run trials stressing BoT function
    • AGS
    • FCS
    • ALU
    • ORD
  • Validate Template and Sample Lesson Plan formats

Template and Sample Lesson Plan