Conditions: You are a Human Resources (HR) Technician assigned to an S-1 section responsible for monitoring medical readiness and reviewing the personnel portion of the Unit Status Report (USR) prior to submission to higher headquarters. You have access to AR 220-1 (Army Unit Status Reporting and Force Registration-Consolidated Policies), DA PAM 220-1 (Defense Readiness Reporting System-Army Procedures), AR 600-8-6 (
Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting), personnel authorization documents, unit personnel status information, strength data, Medical Protection
System (MEDPROS) reports, NetUSR, and HR enabling systems. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Verify personnel and medical readiness data from all subordinate units, validate the personnel portion of the USR with 100% accuracy, and submit to higher headquarters in accordance with established reporting timeline.

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