Action: Coordinate Deployed Casualty Operations

Conditions: Given classroom instruction, AR 638-8, Army Casualty Program; AR 600-8-7, Line of Duty Policy, Procedures, and Investigations; AR 638-2, Army Mortuary Affairs Program; FM 1-0, HR Support; ATP 1-0.2, Theater-Level Human Resources Support; and HQDA Personnel Policy Guidance and knowledge of our current  Operational Environment.

Standard: Score 70% or higher on a knowledge based exam that includes the following learning activities:

  1. Define casualty operations policy
  2. Identify organizational responsibilities for casualty operations
  3. Communicate the casualty reporting process
  4. Identify the principles of casualty notification, assistance, and disposition


AR 638-8 (Army Casualty Program)

AR 600-8-7 (Line of Duty Policy, Procedures, and Investigations)

AR 638-2 (Army Mortuary Affairs Program)

FM 1-0 (HR Support)

ATP 1-0.2 (Theater-Level Human Resources Support)