Administer Awards and Decorations (CP50)

Administer Awards and Decorations

Action: Administer Awards and Decorations

Condition: Classroom environment with access to:

  • AR 215-3 (Non-Appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Personnel Policy)
  • AR 600-8-22 (Military Awards)
  • AR 672-20 (Incentive Awards)
  • JP 1-0 (Joint Doctrine for Personnel Support to Joint Operations)
  • DA Form 638 (Award Recommendations)
  • DA Form 7594 (Unit Award Recommendation)
  • DA Form 1256 (Incentive Award Nomination and Approval)
  • DoD Manual 1348.33, Vol 4, “Manual of Military Decorations and Awards: DoD Joint Decorations and Awards”
  • Appropriate MILPER / ALARACT messages
  • Awareness of the Operational Environment, Variables, and Actors
  • Standard office supplies

Standard: Achieve 70% or higher on the MOD A exam

  1. Maintaining the objectives of the Army’s awards and decorations program.
  2. Verifying eligibility for awards, badges, and tabs.
  3. Verifying correct processing procedures for award recommendations.

Lesson Content