Administer Casualty Operations (CP50)

Administer Casualty Operations

ACTION: Administer Casualty Operations

CONDITION: Classroom environment with access to:

  • FM 1-0
  • AR and DA PAM 638-8, Army Casualty Program
  • AR 600-8-4
  • AR 600-25
  • AR 638-2
  • AR 290-5
  • SGLV Form and DD Form 93
  • DA Form 1156
  • Awareness of the operational environment variables and actors.

STANDARD: Met when achieved 70% or higher on the Mod A exam

  1. Explain the casualty operation’s management objectives.
  2. Apply the principles of casualty reporting.
  3. Communicate the principles of casualty notification and assistance.
  4. Integrate the mortuary affairs process into CAC and unit mission planning.
  5. Administer responsibilities for casualty operations and required actions.
  6. Understand casualty processing procedures for special casualty conditions.

Lesson Content