ITAR – Administer Casualty Operations in Theater

Conditions: You are the Human Resources (HR) Technician in charge of Casualty Operations at echelons above brigade. You receive a deployment order (DEPOPORD) for deployment to an immature theater. Your supervisor tasks you to review the casualty program for your organization and execute theater casualty operations within your Area of Responsibility (AOR). You have access to HR enabling systems and the references on the
enclosed table. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

Standards: Administer casualty operations standing operating procedures (SOP) that cover all phases of deployment. Receive, validate, and submit error-free casualty reports to higher headquarters, as applicable. Reconcile all casualty information with the appropriate unit, medical personnel, Casualty Liaison Teams (CLTs), Mortuary Affairs (MA) collection points or other agencies to verify casualty information.