Administer Personnel Readiness Management / Review Personnel Readiness Data for CUSR

Action: Prepare Personnel Readiness Data for the USR

Conditions: In a classroom environment, given access to AR 220-1, DA PAM 220-1, ALARACTS, MILPER Messages, eMILPO Training Database, and strength data and awareness of Operational Environment (OE), variables, and actors.

Standard: Students must also pass an examination with 70% accuracy or better.

  1. Identify personnel USR procedures, and requirements of USR
  2. Verify accuracy of Personnel Data in eMILPO
  3. Verify personnel strength percentages
  4. Verify the Unit’s overall Personnel Level (P-Level)
  5. Provide recommendations for the personnel portion of the CDR’s letter
  6. Assess the personnel and medical readiness deployability standards of unit personnel
  7. Explain the DRRS-A System

Lesson Content