Comply with the Fundamentals of Property Accountability

Action: Apply the Fundamentals of Property Accountability.

Conditions: Assigned as a Key Leader/Commander in a unit with responsibility to apply the fundamentals of property accountability procedures to account for your units property. Given Army property, Property Book and Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) system, updated hand receipts, hand receipt annexes, Property Book Officer (PBO) supporting documentation, Unit Identification Code (UIC) and Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) information, Department of the Army messages, AR 71-32, AR 220-1, AR 710-2, AR 735-5, AR 735-11-2, DA PAM 710-2-1, FM 100-9, FM 100-17, FM 100-17-3, FM -100-17-5, and JP 3-35.

Standard: Applied the fundamentals of property accountability required to successfully account for 100% of your units property.

Lesson Content


AR 71-32

AR 220-1

AR 710-2

AR 735-5

AR 735-11-2

DA PAM 710-2-1

FM 100-9

FM 100-17

FM 100-17-3

FM -100-17-5

JP 3-35