Brigade S1 Admin Overview

Action: Communicate Army Human Resources (HR) Doctrine

Conditions: Given classroom instruction, assigned readings, FM 1-0 (Human Resources Support), ADP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations), ADRP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations, ADRP 6-0 (Mission Command), FM 6-0 (Commander and Staff Organization and Operations) and awareness of the Operational Environment.

Standard: Demonstrate an understanding of HR doctrine through classroom participation, practical exercises, and scoring 70% or higher on the Brigade S-1 Operations Course final exam.

Lesson Content





FM 1-0 (Human Resources Support)

ADP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations)

ADRP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations

ADRP 6-0 (Mission Command)

FM 6-0 (Commander and Staff Organization and Operations)