ITAR – Check the Acceptance of Domestic Mail

Conditions: While serving as a Military Postal Clerk you are given the following: 1. Several articles of mail 2. Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 3. Student Handout 4. NOTICE 123, RATEFOLD 5. Department of Defense (DOD) 4525.6-M Postal Manual 6. Rubber Stamps – First Class, Priority, Pal Stamps, and SAM 7. USPS Label 11-B (Express Mail Post Office to Addressee) 8. Point of Sale (POS), CPU, Keyboard, Wand, Receipt Printer, Clerk Display Monitor, Postage Validation Imprinter (PVI).

Standards: Accept and process domestic mail by using the correct forms and endorsements, assess the correct amount of postage and fees, determine if mail is mailable and verify the customer’s authorization to use the Military Post Office (MPO)with no errors in order to achieve a minimum of 80% on a performance-based test.