Conduct e-Commerce Operations

Conditions: During deployed operations, you must conduct e-commerce business utilizing the Store Value Card (SVC) and Over the Counter Channel Application programs for your area of operations. You have access to:
1. DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, Vol 5, Disbursing Policy and Procedures.
2. SVC Standard Operating Procedures.
3. DD Form 1081, Statement of Agent Officer’s Account.
4. DD Form 2665, Daily Agent Accountability Summary.
5. DD Form 2664, Currency Exchange Record.
6. DD Form 2887, Application for DoD SVC Programs.
7. SVC Kiosks.
8. Point of Sales (POS) terminals.
9. Eagle Cash Card (ECC) Hardware and Software.
10. Stored Value Cards.
11.OTCnet Hardware and Software.
12. SF215 Deposit Ticket.
13. SF5515 Debit Voucher.
This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Execute SVC operations without error:
1. Perform inventory control procedures.
2. Perform card issuance procedures (Non-ABA Account ).
3. Perform card issuance procedures (Kiosk Enrollment€“ ABA Account).
4. Perform Card Issuance Procedures (Deposit Card).
5. Perform Card Issuance Procedures (ECAS Card).
6. Perform procedures for adding value to an issued card (Disbursing Office).
7. Perform currency exchange and cash out procedures.
8. Perform Actions for Lost, Damaged, and Stolen Cards or Card Invalidation.
9. Perform End of Day Processing.
Execute OTCnet operations without error:
1. Perform capturing a check.
2. Perform closing a batch.
3. Perform Approving a Batch.
4. Perform Uploading a Batch.
5. Perform Acknowledge a Batch.