ITAR – Conduct Money Order Business

Conditions: You are serving as a postal finance clerk in a Military Post Office (MPO).  You have access to domestic money order form sets, postal
money order imprinter, missing money order forms list, domestic money orders to be cashed, All-Purpose Dating Stamp (APDS), DD Form 885 (Money
Order Control Record), PS Form 17 (Stamp Requisition), PS Form 8105-A (Funds Transition Transfer Report), PS Form 8105-B (Suspicious Transaction
Report), International Mail Manual 371 (IMM 371) and standard United States Postal Service (USPS) supplies and equipment. This task should not be
trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Control and prepare control postal money order sets, issue postal money orders, cash postal money orders, and produce a money order
tape without error.