Conduct Postal Directory Functions


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Conduct Postal Directory PE

Action: Conduct Postal Directory Functions

Conditions: In a classroom environment; given access to the following material below and awareness of the Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

  1. Several pieces of undeliverable as addressed mail.
  2. DA Form 3955, Change of Address and Directory Card
  3. OPNAV 5110/5, Notice of Change of Address
  4. AF Form 624, Base/Unit Locator and PSC Directory
  5. NAVMC 10572, Mail Directory File Card
  6. PS Form 3579, Undeliverable Standard Mail A and B
  7. USPS Envelope EP-1865D, Postage Due
  8. Notice 123, Rate fold

Standard: Student will conduct postal directory functions by processing directory mail received from the unit mail clerks and other sources, maintaining the directory file on all persons served by the military, endorsing mail accordingly, dispatching mail if necessary, and putting directory service stamp on back of mail. Student must be able to achieve a minimum of 80% on the performance-based test.

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