Action: Employ Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) and Datastore Functions

Conditions: Given a personal computer with access to eMILPO and Army Human Resource System (AHRS) Datastore Training, the eMILPO User Manual Version 4.6.9, eMILPO Functional Guide Version 4.2, AR 600-8-6, practical exercise in a classroom environment and an awareness of Operational Environment (OE), variables and actors.

Standard: Students will meet the standard when they:

  1. Review the eMILPO System
  2. Review eMILPO Reports/Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI) Process
  3. Review the eMILPO Functionalities
  4. Review eMILPO System Administration
  5. Access AHRS Enterprise Datastore
  6. Perform AHRS Datastore Functions

Lesson Content