Evaluations (Officer and Enlisted)

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Performance Steps and Measures

Consolidated list of Individual and Collective Tasks

SL1 Process Recommendation For Award Performance Standards

SL1 Upload Documents to IPERMS_Performance Standards

HR Evaluations playbook

SL2-3_Review Awards and Decorations Performance Standards

SL4-5_Review Awards and Decorations Performance Standards

WO_Administer Evaluations Reporting Program

Training Packages

Training presentations by skill level

SL3 Review a Completed Evaluation Report

SL4 Review The Evaluation Reporting System

WO1_Admin_Eval_Report_Slides(Apr 16)

CW3_Manage Evaluation Process Slide Deck

O1-O3_Review The Evaluation Reporting System


Battle Drills, PEs, Vignettes, Injects

Battle Drills, TTPs, practical exercises, vignettes, and MSELs, for use in home station training and exercises.


CW3_Develop Evaluations Program PE 1



Toolkit Items

Any and all documents that might assist with the HR subject i.e. SOPs, SAV checklists, sequence of events, orders etc.

Evaluation SOP 1

Demo Videos