Action: Identify the strategic value of the Army Battle Command System (ABCS) and the major components of the FBCB2-BFT

Conditions: In a classroom environment, given “White Box” training aides and two AN/UYK-128(V3) (FBCB2) with software version 6.5; TM 11-7010-326-10, TB 11-7010-326-10-3 and FBCB2 Tutorial Website

Standard: Describe how the ABCS supports the commander in the field. Identify FBCB2-BFT and Describe the FBCB2-BFT Theory of Operation

Lesson Content


AN/UYK-128(V3) (FBCB2)

TM 11-7010-326-10

TB 11-7010-326-10-3