Finance and Comptroller Captains Career Course

as of: 7 Aug 19

Purpose: To prepare Finance and Comptroller (FC) officers to identify, evaluate, and apply the latest managerial techniques plus technical, tactical, and leadership skills required for commissioned officers with a FC area of concentration (AOC).

Phase Scope: This course is designed to train FC officers to be technically and tactically proficient FC detachment commanders and staff officers. It incorporates the Army Learning Model 2015, which facilitates collaborative problem-solving events that reinforce comprehensive fitness, teamwork and collaboration, communication and engagement, critical thinking and problem solving, tactical and technical competency, and the character attributes required to meet the challenges of operational adaptability. All CASCOM courses will introduce the major principles of Character Development during in-processing, and will further reinforce that information in subsequent lessons as applicable.

Common Core

Analyze Detailed Accounting Reports
Certify SF 44 for Payment
Communicate GFEBS Navigation
Conduct Paying Agent Ops
Conduct Solatium-Weapons for Cash Procedures
DD 2657
DD 2665
Employ the Deployable Disbursing System
Establish a Bank on Base
Identify Components of the Disbursing Office
Identify Reserve Appropriations
Identify the Flow and Receipt of AP Documents
Implement Provisions of the Prompt Payment Act
Manage Commercial Vendor Services
Manage Disbursing Operations
Outbound MIPR
Process Solatium and WFC
SF 1219
Spending Chain
The Flow and Receipt of Funds
Apply Administrative Control of Funds Procedures
Brief Key Elements of the MAAWS-A
Clearing UMDs and UMCs
Conduct Activity Based Costing-ABC
Conduct Tactical Comptrollership
Cost Analysis
Create a Funded Program
Create Accounting Labels
Deploy the Resource Manager
Develop a Tactical Budget
DOD DA Rules
Execute Funding Sources
Execute Rewards Program
Execute Unprocessed Voucher Reconciliation
Exercise Budgeting
Financial Management OPORD
Fiscal Law
Generate Managerial Accounting Reporting
Identify Auditing in the Federal Government
Identify GFEBS Master Data Elements
Identify Key Concepts of Review and Analysis
Identify Key Financial Roles and Missions of DOD DA
Identify Master Data Elements
Identify Military Construction Appropriations
Identify Principles of Fiscal Law
Identify Principles of Management Control Program
Identify Reserve Appropriations
Identify Single Stock Fund
Identify the Army’s Manpower Management Process
Identify the Commercial Activities Program
Identify the Cost Analysis Process
Identify the Flow and Receipt of Funds
Identify the Four Tenants of SSF
Identify the Program Budget Advisory Committee
Identify the Research, Develop, and Acq. System
Identify the Stages of PPBE Process within DoD DA
Identify Working Capital Funds
Identify Year End Procedures
Manage Commanders Emergency Response Program-CERP
Manage Obligation Management Procedures
Master Data Elements
Pay Agent Process
Perform Economic Analysis
Perform Monthly IDOC Error Reports
Prepare an Activity Level Budget
Process a Contract (SPS)
Process a Supply Requirement using GCSS-A
Process an Outbound Reimbursable Agreement
Process Emergency Leave Without DTS
Process GCSS-Army Transactions
Process JVs using GFEBS
Process Single Charge Card Solution (GPC) in GFEBS
Process Single Charge Card Solution (GPC) in GFEBS
Process Single Charge Card Solution (GPC) in GFEBS
Reserve Appropriations
S8 Practical Exercise
Tactical Budget
 Identify Flow and Receipt of CVS Docs
Case Studies​
 Implement Provisions to the Prompt Payment Act
 Conduct Disbursing Briefings
Conduct Paying Agent Operations
 Prepare the Daily Agent Accountability Summary (DD Form 2665)
 Prepare the Daily Statement of Accountability (DD Form 2657)
 Prepare the Statement of Accountability (SF1219)
 Powerpoint Slides
 T120 PE
 T130 PEs