Finance and Comptroller Captains Career Course

as of: 10 Apr 24

Purpose: To prepare Finance and Comptroller (FC) officers to identify, evaluate, and apply the latest managerial techniques plus technical, tactical, and leadership skills required for commissioned officers with a FC area of concentration (AOC).

Phase Scope: This course is designed to train FC officers to be technically and tactically proficient FC detachment commanders and staff officers. It incorporates the Army Learning Model 2015, which facilitates collaborative problem-solving events that reinforce comprehensive fitness, teamwork and collaboration, communication and engagement, critical thinking and problem solving, tactical and technical competency, and the character attributes required to meet the challenges of operational adaptability. All CASCOM courses will introduce the major principles of Character Development during in-processing, and will further reinforce that information in subsequent lessons as applicable.

Identify Financial Roles of the Department of Defense (DoD)805A-36A7100
Identify the Research, Develop, and Acquisition (RDA) System805A-36A7102
Identify the Planning, Programing, Budget, and Execution (PPBE) Process within the Department of Defense (DoD)805A-36A7103
Identify Military Construction Appropriations (MCA)805A-36A7104
Identify the Cost Analysis Process805A-36A7105
Analyze Economic Alternatives805A-36A7107
Conduct Activity Based Costing (ABC)805A-36A7108
Identify the Working Capital Fund (WCF)805A-36A7109
Identify Single Stock Fund (SSF)805A-36A7110
Conduct PPBE Examination – FCCC Week 1805A-36A7111
Conduct PPBE Examination – FCCC Week 2805A-36A7112
Identify the Commercial Activities Program805A-36A7113
Identify the Flow of Funds805A-36A7117
Prepare an Activity Level Budget805A-36A7118
Determine the Principles of the Management Internal Control Program (MICP)805A-36A7119
Identify Auditing in the Federal Government805A-36A7121
Identify the Army’s Manpower Management Process805A-36A7122
Conduct Administrative Requirements***(4 hours x 20 weeks = 80 hours)805A-36A7169
Define the Purpose of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) – DL805A-36A7172
Identify the Eight-Step Cost Benefit Analysis Process – DL805A-36A7173
Define Obligation Management – DL805A-36A7174
Determine the Principles of Managers’ Internal Control Program (MICP) – DL805A-36A7175
Identify Aspects of Administrative Control of Funds Procedures – DL805A-36A7176
Determine the Seven Steps used in the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) – DL805A-36A7177
Review Financial Management Planning using MDMP – DL805A-36A7178
Determine Financial Management Planning Considerations – DL805A-36A7179