HR Planning and Operations

Effective HR planning and operations requires HR providers to have a firm understanding of the full capabilities of HR units and organizations. This understanding allows HR providers to better anticipate requirements and inform the commander. HR providers must understand how to employ doctrine in any operating environment and be technically competent in the current HR systems, processes, policies, and procedures required to support Soldiers and commanders engaged in unified land operations.


FM 1-0

Performance Steps and Measures

Consolidated list of Individual and Collective Tasks

Training Packages

Training presentations by skill level

Implement HR Planning and Operations Using MDMP

Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSO)

Battle Drills, PEs, Vignettes, Injects

Battle Drills, TTPs, practical exercises, vignettes, and MSELs, for use in home station training and exercises.

Toolkit Items

Any and all documents that might assist with the HR subject i.e. SOPs, SAV checklists, sequence of events, orders etc.

Demo Videos