Identify GFEBS Master Data Elements

Action: Identify Master Data Elements

Conditions: In a classroom environment students will work as a member of a small group/ individual using DFAS-IN Regulation 37-1, DFAS-IN 37-100, Army Funds Management Data Reference Guide, and the slide presentation for immediate referencing.

Standards: Students will be assessed within 75% accuracy by demonstrating the ability to correctly identify all of the master data elements (line of accounting) and its purpose.


Lesson Content


IMI Content

Lesson CBT

Intro to GFEBS (7.2.18)

Identify GFEBS Master Data Elements Slides (7.2.18)

Identify GFEBS Master Data Elements Slides OLD (7.2.18)

Review GFEBS Reports OLD (7.2.18)

Review GFEBS Reports PE 1 OLD (7.2.18)

Review GFEBS Reports PE 2 OLD (7.3.18)

Record Data from Reimbursement GFEBS (7.2.18)

Record Data from Expenditure Accounting Doc Slides OLD (7.3.18)