Maintain Commitment Records and Obligations

Conditions: You are working in the Resource Management (RM) Office and have a requirement to prepare Commitment records and Obligation records with access to all applicable regulations, policies, forms, systems and equipment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: With 100% accuracy, you process the appropriate Commitment and Obligation document(s) by:
1. Reviewing the document(s) for completeness and accuracy.
2. Completing the required document (if necessary and forward to appropriate activity).
3. Locate the document folder or develop a new document folder if necessary.
4. Input the accounting classification data to the Fund Control Record (FCR) manually or using applicable system.
5. File the documents in the appropriate folder.
6. Forward the commitment documents to the appropriate activities/individuals.
7. Update the FCR SDN entry and file the documents.
8. Forward obligation document(s) to the Accounting Office.