ITAR – Maintain Unit Mailroom

Conditions: Commander has designated appropriate space for unit mail facility in accordance with DoD Guidance. Commander or Unit Mail Officer has properly assigned you as the Unit Mail clerk using DD Form 285. You have completed appropriate mail handlers course. Postal Officer has placed you on the Unaccompanied Access Memorandum. You have access to AR 600-8-3 (Unit Postal Operations), DoD 4525.6-M (Department of Defense
Postal Manual), Directory File Cards, DD Form 2558, and individual mail receptacles. You are required to maintain the unit mailroom receptacles. The
Unit is deployed in support of forces engaged in full spectrum operations or in garrison operations. Conventional attacks by hostile aircraft and
operations by ground elements are possible. Threat capabilities also include information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, and terrorist activities in a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) environment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Maintain mail receptacles, postal files and condition of UMR in accordance with established policies and regulatory guidance.

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