ITAR – Manage Demobilization Procedures

Conditions: You are the Senior HR Sergeant in an Active Component (AC)/Reserve Component (RC) unit that is scheduled to redeploy in 30 days. You are required to ensure that all personnel readiness matters are current and Soldiers are prepared for demobilization. You have access to AR 600-8-101, Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization and Deployment Processing), DA Pamphlet 600-72 (Army Manpower Mobilization), and Army G-1 Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG) (  You also have Soldiers’ personnel, finance, and medical records available. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Develop an HR support plan to accomplish demobilization processing procedures for 100% of all supported personnel that includes, at a minimum, reception, records processing, medical examinations, counseling, logistics, final pay and transportation.