Manage Personnel Distribution and Assignments

Action: Manage Personnel Distribution & Assignments

Conditions: Given access to applicable regulations, readings, practical exercises, Army Manning Guidance, Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG), and awareness of Contemporary Operational Environment (COE) variables and actors.

Standard: Students will meet the minimum standard of 70% or higher in accuracy when they:

  1. Identify the components of Officer Strength Management
  2. Identify the components of Enlisted Strength Management
  3. Explain the role and responsibilities of HR organizations

Lesson Content


FM 1-0 Human Resources Support

AR 600-8-6 Personnel Accounting & Strength Reporting

AR 600-8-11 Reassignment

AR 611-1 Military Occupational Classification Structure Development and Implementation

AR 614-100   Officer Assignment Policies

AR 614-185 Requisitions & Assignment Instructions for Officers

AR 614-200 Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management

DA PAM 600-8-101 Personnel Processing (In-Out, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization and Deployment Processing)

DA PAM 611-21 Military Occupational Classification and Structure

HQDA Active Component Manning Guidance for FY 2013-2015

Force Stabilization Playbook

Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG)