13- MIGO- Process a goods receipt

Master this transaction

Provides the learner with a process flow of the end-to-end business process (Battle Drill). This process flow aides in understanding all players (entities) and tasks associated with completing the Battle Drill.

Provides the learner with step-by-step instructions to complete the Battle Drill (business process).

Walks the learner through a transaction using a step-by-step method. The learner will be required to enter provided information for the transaction and is given immediate feedback.

Scenario-based dynamic exercises that allow the learner to go through the transaction as many times as needed to master the transaction.

FMS-01 The U.S. Army Financial Management School

The MIGO transaction is used to post a Goods Receipt.

Purpose: When materials are ordered from a vendor, the goods should be received into GFEBS as they arrive at the requiring activity. The Goods Receipt is the record of receipt for goods.

Trigger: Goods arrive at the requiring activity.