Military Personnel Managers (CP50)

10 Aug 2020

Purpose: This course provides the CP50 Careerist with an approved learning opportunity as outlined in the CP50 Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) plan approved by the CP50 Functional Chief. The course provides the CP50 Careerist with functional training on the HR core competencies of Man the Force, Provide HR Services, and HR Planning and Operations. Additionally. The course focuses on those critical tasks required of the Senior CP50 careerists in their jobs/positions usually located in the Generating Force of the Army.

Phase Scope: The Military Personnel Managers Course provides instruction for mid to senior level (GS-09 to GS-13) Career Program 50 civilian employees providing military direct HR support across all levels. This two-week resident course prepares the GS civilian employee to interpret, plan, integrate, coordinate, and implement the Army’s HR programs and policies for the military work force from Department of the Army to Brigade and below. In this course, HR topics include Awards and Decorations, Common Access Cards, HR Planning and Operations, Officer and NCOER Evaluations, Centralized Promotions, Leaves and Passes, Casualty Operations, HR Strategic Operations, and Compensation. Additionally, students employ and apply HR policies and processes as well as applicable HR information systems.

805C-CJA50105 Administer Evaluation Reporting System (CP50)
805C-CJA50102 Administer Awards and Decorations (CP50)
805C-CJA50104 Communicate Centralized Promotions (CP50)
805C-CJA50107 Administer the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Program (CP50)
805C-CJA50108 Administer Casualty Operations (CP50)
  Analyze HR Metrics


Administer Personnel Accountability (CP50)



Administer Strength Reporting (CP50)



Administer Compensation Policies (CP50)



Conduct Strategic Human Resources (HR) Planning and Operations (CP50)



Conduct Course Administrative Requirements (CP50)