Overview of Enlisted Distribution and Assignment

Action: Demonstrate the Enlisted Distribution & Assignment System (EDAS)

Conditions: In a classroom environment, given access to internet connectivity, a computer, EDAS Field User Manual dtd June 2009, a password, and awareness of Operational Environment (OE), variables, and actors

Standard: The student will have met the standards when they have :

  1. Define EDAS Purpose and Functions
  2. Request Accounts in PERNET/EDAS Training Database
  3. Review Configuration of the EDAS Software
  4. Establish Connection to EDAS
  5. Perform EDAS Functions
  6. Perform File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Lesson Content

agbolc demonstrate edas pe a ak

agbolc demonstrate edas pe b

agbolc demonstrate edas pe b ak

agbolc demonstrate edas overview

agbolc demonstrate edas pe a