Perform Manual Cashier Operations

Action: Perform Cashier Functions.

Conditions: Given access to the DoDFMR Vol 5 and FM 1-06; a DD Form 1081, Statement of Agent Officers Account; a DD Form 2664, Currency Exchange Record; a DD Form 2665, Daily Agent Accountability Summary worksheet; a DD Form 2665, Daily Accountability Summary; collection vouchers and disbursement documents, standard office supplies and equipment, with awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

Standards: With a minimum 75% accuracy, prepare a DD Form 1081, identify collection vouchers, identify disbursing documents, and prepare a DD Form 2664, Prepare a DD Form 2665 worksheet and a DD Form 2665.


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Perform Manual Cashier Operations PE A (7.2.18)

Perform Manual Cashier Operations PE 1 (7.2.18)