Personnel Accountability

Personnel accountability is the by-name management of the location and duty status of every person assigned or attached to a unit. It includes tracking the movement of personnel as they arrive at, and depart from, a unit for duty.


FM 1-0, AR 600-8-22, AR 600-8-6, AR 600-8-101, AR 600-8-10, AR 600-8

Performance Steps and Measures

Consolidated list of Individual and Collective Tasks

Direct Deployed Personnel Accountability (805C-42H-8102)

Report Personnel Accountability (805C-42B-6103)

Validate Personnel Accountability Procedures (805C-42B-7103)

Training Packages

Training presentations by skill level

Conduct PAI for Junior Leaders

Conduct PAI for Senior Leaders

How to Properly Fill Out a DA 3986

Battle Drills, PEs, Vignettes, Injects

Battle Drills, TTPs, practical exercises, vignettes, and MSELs, for use in home station training and exercises.

Conduct a PAI with Student Hand Out

Conduct PAI PE 1

Conduct PAI PE 1 Answer Key

Conduct PAI PE 2

Conduct PAI PE 2 Answer Key

Conduct PAI PE 3

Conduct PAI PE3 Answer Key

Toolkit Items

Any and all documents that might assist with the HR subject i.e. SOPs, SAV checklists, sequence of events, orders etc.

PAI SOP (Example 1) 

Appendix A PAI SOP (example 1)

Appendix B PAI SOP (example 1)

Appendix C PAI SOP (example 1)

PAI OPORD (Example 1)

PAI Admin Rodeo OPORD (Example 1)

SAV Checklist (Example 1)

PAI Execution Step-by-Step


Instructions to fill out DA Form 3896

Example PAI Memo

Demo Videos