Perform RSS System Functions

Action: Perform RSS System Functions

Condition: In a classroom environment; given access to the following material below and awareness of the Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

1.Receipt printer


3.Customers Display/Credit/Debit machine

4.Postage Validation Imprinter (PVI)

5.Clerk Display Monitor

6.Central Processing Unit (CPU)



9.Money Orders

10.Stamp Stock/Item Number – Money Orders/Bar Codes

11.PS Form 3812-P

12.PS Form 3800

13.PS Form 3806

14.Label 200

Standard: The student will:

-Open The Unit

-Receive Stamp Stock From SDO (Stamp Distribution Office)

-Receive Money Orders From SDO (Stamp Distribution Office)

-Transfer – Issue Stamp Stock To Clerk

-Conduct Clerk Business

-End Of Day Close Out Procedures for Clerks

-Conduct Clerk Inventory

-Conduct Clerk Audit

-Conduct Clerk Reviewing/Accepting Audit Results

-Close out the unit as COPE/Supervisor

Lesson Content


PS Form 3812-P

PS Form 3800

PS Form 3806

Label 200