Prepare a Drop from Rolls (DFR) Packet

ACTION: Prepare a Dropped from Rolls Packet

CONDITION: In a classroom environment, given a requirement to prepare a dropped from rolls packet with access to AR 630-10, DA Pam 600-8, AR 190-9, AR 600-8-6, DA Pam 600-8-104, Student Handouts, standard office supplies and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

STANDARD: Students will meet the standard when they complete the following with 80% accuracy:

1.Obtain all required documents for a DFR packet after the 31st consecutive day.

2.Confirm DFR packet contains all necessary forms and forms are filled out properly and distributed.

3.Process entire DFR packet and submit to DCO, MPD, or USADIP within 5 days of the Soldier’s DFR effective date.

4.Ensure servicing Personnel Automation Section (PAS) Chief submits DFR transaction in the System of Record after USADIP / National Crime Information Center (NCIC) informs the unit a warrant is issued.

5.Submit DFR packet to iPERMS and verify DFR transaction was completed.

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