Prepare a Stored Value Card

Action: Prepare a Stored Value Card

Conditions: As a new FM Soldier in a classroom environment, with access to a computer/laptop with the EagleCash program loaded, blank EagleCash Card (ECC), DD Form 2887 (Application for the DoD Stored Value Card (SVC) Programs), Point of Sale (POS) Terminal, all applicable regulations, policies, forms, systems, and standard office supplies.

Standard: Process a completed DD Form 2887, issue and add funds to an ECC, perform currency exchange transactions, and prepare end-of-day reports. With at least 75% accuracy, Students must demonstrate proficiency during the following learning activities:

1.Process DD Form 2887

2.Perform card issuance procedures (ECAS Card)

3.Performed currency exchange transactions

Prepared end of day reports

Lesson Content