ITAR – Prepare Casualty Reports

Conditions: You are assigned as a Human Resources (HR) Specialist in the S-1 section in a deployed environment. You receive notification a Soldier in your unit has become a casualty and must prepare a casualty report.  You have access to the Soldier’s Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)/Officer Record Brief (ORB), DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data), SGLV 8286 (Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Election and Certification), DA Form 1156 (Casualty Feeder Report), AR 638-8 (Army Casualty Program), DA PAM 638-8 (Procedures for the Army Casualty Program), FM 1-0 (HR Support), the Defense Casualty Information Processing System-Casualty Forward (DCIPS-CF) system, User Guides, and standard office workstation and supplies. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Without error, identify the correct type of casualty report to submit, extract and verify data from the DA Form 1156/Soldier’s HR record, and prepare a casualty report using DCIPS-CF.