Prepare Information Briefing

Action: Prepare Information Brief

Conditions: Given access to ADP 6-22 (Army Leadership), ST 22-2 (Writing and Speaking Skills for Leaders at the Organizational Level), DA Pam 600-67 (Effective Writing for Army Leaders) and awareness of Operational Environment (OE)/Contemporary Operational  Environment (COE) variables and actors.

Standard: Apply the principles of effective communication to written requirements and oral briefings in accordance with the SALT CGSC Rubric.

Lesson Content

msl 201 l08a effective army briefing

information briefing example jan 13

provide information briefing topic roster

effective briefing slides

briefing rubric lde salt cgsc form 1009s2 june 2011

briefing evaluation cover sheet

slide master format for info briefing


AR 220-1

DA PAM 220-1